Horse Management

  • Log medical conditions, medications, rides, farrier or veterinary activities and much more
  • Keep feed charts current and add detailed feed, forage, or supplement notes
  • Keep track of all records…pre purchase exams, registration papers, radiographs, coggins, etc.
  • Send your farrier the list of horses needing shoes
  • Fast item entry with over 10,000 populated pick list items including activities, medications, feeds, horse shows, breeds, and more
  • Manage horses that are on different vaccine, worming, farrier, coggins schedules…to optimize your upcoming vet visits

Planning & Reminders

  • Visual alerts and reminders
  • Track and prepare for your next foal
  • Develop customized shopping task lists or packing
    lists for horse shows
  • See all future calendar appointments and activities
  • Get alerts for entry close dates…Before they close

Reports & Finance

  • Track lifetime costs associated with your horse
  • Customizable reports at the tip of your fingers
  • Send invoices from your phone
  • Invoice for horse shows faster…collect cash faster
  • Keep your rate sheet up to date and share with clients

Other 4-Legged Friends

  • Use the same tool to keep track of your dogs, cats,
    and other pets
  • Set reminders for monthly treatments like heartworm
  • Log medical conditions so you have details at your
    fingertips for your next vet visit
  • "I have three horses in three different locations, and all with different schedules for coggins, vaccines, medications, and worming routines. HELP"

    Laura — Florida
  • Equine Simplified
    Before Equine Simplified, I had information in six places (phone notes, phone calendar, calendar in tack room, white board, paper files, and Post-it notes) and I missed invoicing clients for activities. Now, I can keep this information in one place by quickly entering updates on my horses on my phone. EqS certainly simplified my life”  

    John — Texas
    Equine Simplified
    Equine Simplified
  • "I spend an hour per month per client to process invoices. I would much rather spend my time with the horses – and now I can."  

    Kelly — Pennsylvania