Problems We Solve

We developed this application because we saw a need in our own barns to simplify our lives. As we started discussing this with others, we listed several of the challenges horse owners and barn managers face.

Basic Data and Activities

“How do I ensure all my coggins are always current?”

“How old is Max, is he 10 or 11 this year?”

“If I could only find the pre-purchase x-rays on that horse for comparison”

"When do I need to renew my insurance?"

Health and Farrier

“How many weeks has it been since he was last shod?”

“When was Bailey last injected? Which joints did we inject last?”

“My horse is getting medications 6 times a day for an eye infection, did I give all of them today?”

Horse Shows

“I spend usually one hour per horse at the end of the month preparing show invoices.”

“Do I have any potential medication conflicts that I need to address before the show?”

From a braider…”It would really help me plan if I knew how many horses I needed to braid in advance of the show.”

Invoicing and Expenses

“I have 2-3 horses at any given time. I need a way to track my expenses on each horse for resale purposes.”

“Did I remember to charge for that professional ride?”

“Did I get reimbursed for that medication prescribed by the vet?”

“My bookkeeper wants me to update my software, this will be perfect.”

Helpful Lists

“I was just at the feed store yesterday and totally forgot to pick up electrolytes.”

“I’m going out of town this weekend, need to create a feed list for my horses for the pet-sitter.”

“I’ve got 10 horses going to the horse show next week, I need their feed list, medication/supplement list and be able to track each daily activity for each horse.”

Other Barn Chores

When are the annual vaccines due on my dogs and cats?

How much rye grass did I purchase last year?

I wish I could keep all my notes in one place

We want to hear more from you. What problem are you trying to solve? Tell us.