Our Vision

We have been there…and on both sides of the equation

  • Always reminding horse trainers of missed items from invoices and horse shows: $2000 shipping charge, $150 breed registration fees, $100 lesson, etc.
  • Spent hours preparing invoices from data kept in multiple places (notes on cell phone, calendar or lists at the barn, 3rd party invoices, texts, etc.)…and we put off doing this which means our cash comes in much slower.
  • Paying rush charges for Coggins and late entries because we missed key entries close dates.
  • Taking trips to the feed store and having to return to purchase something we forgot.
  • We have lost vital horse records due to computers crashing and lost emails.
  • Scrambling to keep track of horses on different schedules for vaccines, worming, farrier, and injections.
So… we decided to do something about it. A horse management software that brings all of these together.

Our Vision: We Will Facilitate the Best Horse Care Solution

Our vision will be realized by offering our clients:

  1. Tracking of equine care and exercise, alerting you to upcoming activities, and easy to find history
  2. Managing stable activities including feed charts, shopping lists, and farrier lists
  3. Giving horse trainers a helping hand on the road to accurately record and invoice horse show activities
  4. Freeing up time for barn managers from extensive paperwork and completing bookkeeping tasks
This is done by giving horse owners and barn managers a tool to focus on your horse… not the paperwork.